Tanuj Deora

Tanuj Deora joined SEPA in January 2015 to lead SEPAs research, advisory, communications, and programs teams. His previous experience includes wind energy project development, research and design engineering, product management, business development, and financial analysis for over a decade of experience in renewable energy after starting his career in the chemical industry. ‚ÄčTanuj served in the cabinet of Governor John Hickenlooper as director of the Colorado Energy Office, and earlier served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Jamaica working on community and environmental health projects. Tanuj has also served as an advisor to the Rational Middle Energy Series and on the boards of the Colorado Renewable Energy Trust and Renewable Energy New England. He lives in Washington DC with his family, and enjoys the outdoors, live music, Texas Longhorn sports, and the occasional overseas trip when not attempting to maintain his 80 year old house.