Ron Celentano


Ron Celentano is a solar energy industry consultant with Celentano Energy Services (CES).  He started in working in the solar energy field nearly 40 years ago, with the last 20 years focused on solar PV.  Generally, his experience covers technical and policy related fields, including installer/code official training, curriculum development, system design, installation, commissioning, testing, performance monitoring; project oversight representing the customer; expert witness regarding technical assessments of PV systems and products; rebate program administration.  He has been involved with helping shape all of Pennsylvania’s state laws and regulations in solar energy over the past two decades, including net metering, interconnection, PA’s solar share requirement, and many other policy related issues.  Currently, he is President of Pennsylvania Solar Energy Industries Assoc. (PASEIA) and V.P. of Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Industries Assoc. (MSEIA) for Pennsylvania, and he holds a BS in Physics and MS in the field of Mechanical Engineering.