Nick Kerwin

Nick Kerwin is the Director of Partnerships for Wunder Capital, a leading financier in the C&I solar sector. In his role at Wunder, Nick is responsible for forging key relationships with EPCs and developers to bring financing options to the traditionally underserved C&I solar market. In the past year, Nick has built the outside/inside sales teams and drove the efforts that lead to a 6x increase in Wunder financing requests (from a $250M annual run rate to a $1.5B annual run rate).

Prior to joining Wunder Capital, Nick worked in sales, management, and project development, first with Affordable Solar (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and then with Namasté Solar (Boulder, Colorado). Nick has been riding the solar coaster since 2010 and brings a wealth of knowledge about business development, customer acquisition, process optimization and the commercial solar industry. In his free time, Nick works with his local SEIA chapter on state level solar policy and is actively involved in helping Boulder create their own municipal electric utility.