Mike Healy

Mike Healy is the CEO of New Columbia Solar, a District of Columbia based solar company whose mission is to positively impact all District residents and businesses by making clean and affordable solar energy extremely accessible. We provide easy to understand, zero up-front cost solar solutions to residents and businesses across the District and provide our customers with recurring revenue by turning their idle rooftops into revenue generating assets.

Mike has been a fervent leader in developing solar policy across the mid-Atlantic region, having been influential in the development, design and advocacy of the District of Columbia and Maryland RPS programs. Mike is also an experienced entrepreneur and business strategist who has played a key role in starting two successful energy companies. He has been instrumental in developing business growth strategies from start-up level to maturity, including originating more than 30 successful partnerships within the private and public sectors. Mike has a proven track record of developing a long-term strategy, implementing the tactics to maintain and execute that strategy, and delivering results. Mike previously served as Treasurer on the Board of Directors of SEIA (Solar Energy Industry Association) a nationwide trade association advocating for the solar industry, Vice President and Policy Chair of MDV-SEIA, and now serves as Secretary of MDV-SEIA. He is a former founder and partner at Nextility Inc. and ConnectDER, inc.