Joe Andronaco


Joe Andronaco, CEO of Access Green, is a business professional with 25 years of combined operational management, investment banking, corporate venturing and strategic management experience.
He has specific expertise in economic development as part of market transformation efforts, whether in privatizations and foreign investments in countries like Argentina and Uruguay, as part of the deregulation in the energy industry or the development of a robust green / conservation economy in the Nation’s Capital. Access Green is a Mid-Atlantic Energy and Conservation Development Contractor, focusing its efforts on implementing “the last mile” of green, the new more energy efficient and renewable technologies available to private and public building owners.
Joe serves on the District of Columbia’s Workforce Investment Council with a strong belief that robust, healthy markets can provide the strongest opportunity for broad and sustainable employment opportunities for our region’s residents. In recent years, he has received numerous awards, including the “Greater Washington Minority Business Leader of the Year” Award from the Washington Business Journal, the “Contractor’s Choice Award” from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and the “Member of the Year” Award from the Associated Builders and Contractors. Prior to his work in the contracting industry, Joe worked in investment banking from New York to Buenos Aires, working for Shearson Lehman Hutton (later Lehman Brothers) and Buenos Aires Capital Partners in Argentina. Joe also worked in the Strategy Department for WGL Holdings. He also worked for the National Association of People with AIDS. During these years, he worked on market development projects such as energy deregulation, privatization of Argentina’s river ways and its hydroelectric infrastructure. Joe, who is fluent in Spanish, has an MBA with honors from the Wharton School. He also has a BA with Distinction in History from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.