Devin Welch


Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development

As Co-Founder and VP of Business Development, Devin Welch is responsible for leading the sales and marketing strategy and execution for Sun Tribe Solar. Passionate about sustainability, Mr. Welch has spent his career championing free market principles as a means to achieve positive change across a broad range of environmental issues. Mr. Welch’s professional experience focuses on finding and capitalizing upon the critical intersections of sustainable best practices and corporate self-interest. At Sun Tribe, Mr. Welch’s role continues his work on market transformation by engaging with individuals, businesses, and governments to reimagine the way energy is produced while realizing tangible benefits for all stakeholders.

Prior to co-founding Sun Tribe Solar, Mr. Welch contributed to the World Wildlife Fund’s Markets Initiative, working with strategic corporate partners to develop and achieve ambitious CSR targets and move sustainability to a pre-competitive condition of participation in key commodity markets. Also during his tenure at the World Wildlife Fund, Mr. Welch co-lead the communications strategy for the 2010 Earth Hour, at the time the largest public demonstration in history with the participation from an estimated 90 million Americans.

Mr. Welch is a founding member of the Charlottesville Renewable Energy Alliance and sits on the Virginia Advisory board for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.