Andrew Levitt

Andrew Levitt is Senior Market Strategist at PJM Interconnection where he assesses emerging technologies for opportunities to strengthen PJM markets. He leads PJM efforts to integrate distributed energy resources into markets and operations. Previously, he directed the vehicle-to-grid program at NRG Energy in collaboration with University of Delaware. He started in the power industry as Project Manager for coal plant upgrades at the Public Service Company of New Mexico.

Mr. Levitt is a member of the Smart Grid and Demand Response Advisory Council of SEPA and the balloting committee for IEEE 1547.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Toronto and a master’s degree from The University of Delaware, where he performed research with the Center for Carbon-free Power Integration. He has co-authored articles in Energy Policy and Science, among others.

Mr. Levitt lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two children.