Oct 30

12:30 PM

Registration Opens

1:00 PM

Members-only Session

2:15 PM

Regional Solar Market Outlook 2019

Providing a birds-eye view of the solar market, panelists will discuss key issues related to trade and federal tax policy, and industry engagement with FERC and PJM. Market analysts will provide an overview of changes in technology prices expected for 2019.

3:30 PM

Battery Storage: How the Mid-Atlantic Stacks up to Neighboring Markets

According to GTM Research and the Energy Storage Association (ESA), the battery storage market grew 60% since last year, driven by significant increases in residential applications. States and utilities across the country are continuing to launch programs and policy initiatives to grow the storage sector. While national market growth is promising, policy and regulatory issues - coupled with a global supply shortages - inhibit regional market development. Join expert panelists on energy storage policy and technology for a robust discussion of local market trends and opportunities.

4:30 PM

Coffee Break

5:00 PM

Grid Grill: Clean Energy Debate

Should all new solar policy legislation advance energy storage? Will Blockchain prove transformational or a fad? What will the average solar company look like in 2025? Two energy experts will engage in a spirited debate on the hottest topics in solar. We welcome topic suggestions from conference attendees - submit yours in advance here!

6:00 PM

Kickoff Reception

7:00 PM

Opening Dinner

9:15 PM

After Party

Join us at the Crown & Crow, 1317 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005
Oct 31

8:00 AM

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8:45 AM

Women in Solar Breakfast

10:00 AM

Virginia’s Rapid Solar Growth: How is the Commonwealth’s Energy Market Evolving?

Governor Ralph Northam ushered major changes to the Virginia energy landscape after signing SB 966 into law, declaring 5.5 GW of solar and wind energy in the public interest. This session will provide a preview of the Governor’s Energy Plan, potential changes to solar access and compensation structures, and topical regulatory issues. Panelists will also discuss the implementation of SB 966 and likely policy changes proposed by for the 2019 legislative session.

10:00 AM

Solar Financing Trends: The Rise of the Loan

In 2018, solar loans claimed the lion's share of residential solar financing in the U.S. This panel will explore current trends in solar financing across industry sectors, provide an overview of how the landscape for solar loans has evolved, and discuss what the solar industry can expect from financing in the next few years.

11:00 AM

Coffee Break

11:30 AM

Reclaiming Maryland’s Solar Leadership in 2019

The 2018 election has already yielded significant implications for the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which will raise the RPS to 50% and solar carve-out to 14.5%. Meanwhile, the Power Plant Research Program reviews the existing RPS and will provide an interim report in December to the General Assembly on the economic and social implications of an increase. Join us for a preview of the PPRP report, political insight on upcoming legislation in the 2019 session, and explore what's next for Maryland solar.

11:30 AM

DERs and a Modern Grid: A Look at the District

The role of DERs and other non-wires alternatives is becoming much more important as utilities and grid operators look for alternative methods to meet system needs. This panel will discuss the current challenges in incorporating more distributed energy to the grid, and use the District of Columbia as a model to explore innovative solutions.

12:30 PM

Awards Luncheon

1:45 PM

Customer Acquisition of the Future

A wave of technological changes, coupled with innovative policy, will reshape the sales landscape for solar and storage. What does your business need to know to stay ahead of the curve? This workshop will give you a better understanding of emerging trends in customer acquisition that are unlocking new markets in our region and what should you consider offering your customers to guarantee a sale.

1:45 PM

Customer Expectations & Community Solar

Community solar programs are now coming online in DC and MD, join us for a discussion on the customer experience. Questions this workshop will answer include: What do we see in the industry that is working well and where have we identified obstacles that could improve the customer experience? If we're in the first stage of community solar now, what will the next stage look like?

3:00 PM

Coffee Break

3:30 PM

Land Use & Community Engagement: A Forum for All Solar Stakeholders

Responsible development is pivotal to community and utility-scale solar deployment. As MDV-SEIA members commit significant resources to implementing best practices in solar construction and maintenance, it is critical to review issues related to decommissioning, PV recycling, and co-locating solar projects with agriculture. Following two symposiums organized by the University of Virginia and the Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) in September, this workshop will continue dialogues between industry, local stakeholders and public officials.

3:30 PM

Training and Retaining a Solar Workforce

Securing an experienced, local workforce is one of the best ways to ensure your project’s success. Whether you are building a 80 MW project in Southern Virginia or installing an 8 kW system on a Baltimore roof, the regional solar community has resources to match companies with a well-trained labor force to get the job done in their backyard. This workshop will detail regional programs and partnerships that support every segment of the solar industry labor force and offer insight on best practices for recruiting employees representative of your projects’ community.