Nov 7

12:30 PM

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Members-only Session

by David Murray

2:15 PM

Live Recording of EnergyWakeup Podcast

by Tom Matzzie , Yann Brandt ,

Thousands of solar energy professionals start their morning with Yann Brandt's SolarWakeup newsletter, and tune-in for his podcast where he interviews thought-leaders in the industry. At Solar Focus, he'll be recording the EnergyWakeup podcast live with Tom Matzzie, the Founder and CEO of Clean Choice Energy. Yann and Tom will discuss power markets, retail choice, and how Tom's extensive work in campaigns and online organizing kicked off his career in clean tech.

3:15 PM

Coffee Break

3:30 PM

Federal Changes, Local Impacts

by Geoffrey Underwood , Christopher Mansour , Tony Clifford ,

The Section 201 trade case looms large over the national industry. SEIA's Vice-President of Federal Affairs, Christopher Mansour will share insights on how the industry is making the case against tariffs to the International Trade Commission and White House. Christopher will be joined by 174 Power Global's Geoff Underwood and Standard Solar's Tony Clifford to discuss tax reform, PURPA, and other federal changes that may impact the local solar market.

4:45 PM

Consumer Protection: Exploring Customer-Friendly Business Practices

by Amir Yazdi , Anya Schoolman , Nicole Steele ,

At the beginning of the year, six states introduced consumer protection bills that cover marketing and contracting in the residential solar industry. As it takes just one bad apple to cast doubt over an entire market, it is important consumers have accurate information about making the choice to go solar. This panel will discuss current consumer protection challenges, industry solutions, and available resources in the region.

6:00 PM


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9:15 PM

1124 9th St NW

After Party

The after party, hosted by our friends at CleanChoice Energy and Sol Systems, will take place at Baby Wale, an urban rustic tavern that sources most of its ingredients from local farms. Attendees can network, unwind, and enjoy the open bar and light hors d'oeuvres. Map & Directions
Nov 8

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8:30 AM

Opening Remarks

8:45 AM

Association Roundtable

by Kelly Speakes-Backman , Abigail Ross Hopper , David Murray ,

In 2016, the U.S. grid added more solar capacity than any other energy technology for the first time. To sustain this rapid growth, the industry is pioneering policies and financial models to incorporate new technologies, such as battery storage. Executives from a two of the nation's largest industry trade associations representing different technologies and markets in the solar industry will discuss current challenges and how they plan to lead the industry through the next phase.

9:30 AM

Solar in Virginia: A Closer Look at an Evolving Market

by Devin Welch , Mark Rubin , Katharine Bond , Scott Thomasson , Francis Hodsoll ,

Virginia's solar market growth still lags behind Maryland and North Carolina, but the Commonwealth is making rapid strides forward. Although Virginia lacks in solar incentives such as grants and tax credits, consensus building processes like the "Rubin Group" are a testament to the legislative progress than can happen when renewable energy stakeholders work together to find common ground. The panel will reflect upon the market progress in the past year and the outlook for 2018.

9:30 AM

Growth in Urban Areas: Where Do We Go From Here?

by Keith Winston , Mike Healy , Richard Walsh , Colin Murchie ,

Urban environments are often home to ambitious climate goals, business innovation, and residents eager to go solar. At the same time, unique challenges like viable roof space and interconnection standards pose challenges to the growth of commercial and residential solar projects. This session will explore development constraints in East Coast urban environments, how companies are effectively completing solar projects, and innovative solutions for the future.

10:45 AM

Solar Project Financing: PACE and Beyond

by Scott Dicke , Melissa O’Buch , Aaron Kraus ,

Innovative financing underpins solar growth; this panel features some of the region's top experts in renewable energy project finance to discuss trends in the solar lending space. Panelists will examine commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), federal and state government grants, and other mechanisms to fund solar projects.

10:45 AM

Solar Plus Storage: What’s On The Horizon?

by Andrew Levitt , Katherine Hamilton ,

The solar industry is becoming increasingly reliant on energy storage for resiliency and improved system performance. In 2017, Maryland passed the first energy storage tax credit legislation, which puts the East Coast on the right path to make energy storage more accessible to residential, industrial, and utility customers alike. Speakers will discuss the latest developments in storage technology, current challenges impeding development, and how innovative policies can propel storage growth in the Mid-Atlantic.

12:00 PM

Awards Luncheon

1:15 PM

Responsible Solar Development: A Discussion on Land Use

by Maggie Clark , Todd Chason ,

Large-scale solar projects provide tax revenue, jobs, and other economic benefits to rural counties. Yet communities voice concerns of taking productive, agricultural land out of use for the life of a solar farm, often resulting in restrictive zoning ordinances. This roundtable session will navigate through the paradigms of utility-scale solar development and land use, specifically how the industry can work with stakeholders to identify and implement best practices.

1:15 PM

Solar For All: Creating Inclusive Solar Policies and Programs

by Rick Peters , Eli Allen , Jessica Booker , Melanie Santiago-Mosier ,

Thanks to innovative financing models and falling installation costs, the average solar homeowner is solidly middle-class, earning $55,000 a year. Yet, businesses can continue to diversify industry growth by adopting more inclusive hiring practices and utilizing job training programs. Additionally, the benefits of solar can be accessible to all communities through thoughtful policy design. Speakers will discuss how placing low and moderate income solar energy workers and customers at the forefront of policy discussions is a benefit to your business, the local community, and the industry as a whole.

2:30 PM

Coffee Break

2:45 PM

Community Solar in the Mid-Atlantic

by Trenton Allen , Justin Wilson , Peter Coleman , Pari Kasotia ,

Community or shared solar is helping residents and businesses across the country go solar for the first time. To date, fourteen states and the District of Columbia have implemented Community Solar policies and programs. The speakers in this session will discuss all aspects of community solar development including program design, market opportunities, project financing, and legislative barriers.

2:45 PM

50% and Beyond: The New Age of the RPS

by Robin Dutta , Tom MacKenty ,

MDV-SEIA is leading campaigns to raise the Renewable Portfolio Standards to a precedent-setting 50% in Maryland and Delaware. MDV-SEIA, along with other coalition partners, is advocating for a 14.5% solar carve-out by 2028 in Maryland, and an 8.5% solar carve-out by 2032 in Delaware. These initiatives seek to reinvigorate the local industry, create tens of thousands of new jobs, and make the Mid-Atlantic a national leader in solar deployment. This discussion will explore the components of a legislative campaign, important elements in crafting an RPS bill, and solar industry RPS successes.

4:00 PM

Closing Remarks