Nov 8

8:15 AM

8:45 AM

Association Roundtable

by Kelly Speakes-Backman  , Abigail Ross Hopper  , David Murray  , Tanuj Deora  ,

In 2016, the U.S. grid added more solar capacity than any other energy technology for the first time. To sustain this rapid growth, the industry is pioneering policies and financial models to incorporate new technologies, such as battery storage. Executives from some of the nation's largest industry trade associations representing different technologies and markets in the solar industry will discuss current challenges and how they plan to lead the industry through the next phase.

10:45 AM

Breakout Session: “Solar Plus Storage: What’s On The Horizon?”

The solar industry is becoming increasingly reliant on energy storage for resiliency and improved system performance. In 2017, Maryland passed the first energy storage tax credit legislation, which puts the East Coast on the right path to make energy storage more accessible to residential, industrial, and utility customers alike. Speakers will discuss the latest developments in storage technology, current challenges impeding development, and how innovative policies can propel storage growth in the Mid-Atlantic.

1:15 PM

Breakout Session: “Solar For All: Creating Inclusive Solar Policies and Programs”

Thanks to innovative financing models and falling installation costs, the average solar homeowner is solidly middle-class, earning $55,000 a year. Yet, businesses can continue to diversity industry growth by adopting more inclusive hiring practices and utilizing job training programs. Additionally, the benefits of solar can be accessible to all communities through thoughtful policy design. Speakers will discuss how placing low and moderate income solar energy workers and customers at the forefront of policy discussions is a benefit to your business, the local community, and the industry as a whole.